Skilling cTrader and MT4 Platforms Compared for Your Profitability

  • May 17, 2023, 12:18 PM

When it comes to choosing a trading platform, the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform, developed by Metaquotes Corporation appears to have become a household name among many traders and Forex Brokers.

One of the major attractions of the MT4 platform is the user-friendly interface, and the ease of use even by newbie traders.

When we started studying the Skilling trading platforms, one of the trading platforms that appeared to stand out amongst the rest, is the Skilling cTrader.

Our curiosity led to us researching and studying more about the cTrader, and we discovered the following...

Introducing cTrader

cTrader is one of the most well-known trading platforms in the world of financial trading. It was developed in 2010 by Andrey Pavlov and Ilya Holeu, founders of Spotware. It’s a multi-asset CFD and Forex trading platform which provides fast entry and execution, advanced charting tools, order types, level II pricing and more.

Its user friendly interface is available on several devices and Skilling has integrated it with Skilling’s platform, so that clients can use cTrader via the web browser, phone or by downloading cTrader from Skilling.

What You Need to Know About the Skilling cTrader

The Skilling forex broker cTrader platform is a powerful trading platform that offers a wide range of features and tools for traders of all levels. Some of the key features of the cTrader platform include:

  • Fast Execution: The cTrader platform offers fast execution speeds, which can be important for traders who want to take advantage of market opportunities quickly.
  • Advanced Charting: The cTrader platform offers a wide range of advanced charting tools, including multiple chart types, technical indicators, and drawing tools.
  • Order Types: The cTrader platform offers a wide range of order types, including market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and trailing stop orders.
  • Level II Pricing: The cTrader platform offers level II pricing, which gives traders access to real-time market data from multiple exchanges.
  • Customization: The cTrader platform is highly customizable, which allows traders to tailor the platform to their own needs.

Overall, the Skilling forex broker cTrader platform is a powerful and feature-rich trading platform that is suitable for traders of all levels.

Here are some additional details about the cTrader platform:

  • Availability: The cTrader platform is available on a variety of devices, including desktop, mobile, and web.
  • Regulatory Status: The cTrader platform is regulated by a number of financial regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Fees: The cTrader platform does not charge any commissions. However, there are spreads associated with trading on the platform.

If you are looking for a powerful and feature-rich trading platform, the Skilling forex broker cTrader platform is a great option.

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